Hot Air Photo Stories

Sherif Younan “Junior”

What’s the difference between Sherif Younan Jr. and other 13 year old boys? He is a boxing prodigy; he has won 3 dozen trophies and has won most tournaments against other competitors his age. He is also currently the Junior Olympic Champion, which he won in the 2007 Olympics.

Younan, a.k.a “Sugar Boy”, who got that nickname because he is often seen eating candy, and “Junior” is not modest about his talents. He was only 15 months old when he climbed and crawled out of his baby carriage into a boxing ring. Here’s a video and a few pictures of the 13 year old wearing the one and only “Hot Air”!




Danny Jacobs | “The Golden Child”

A native of the same Brownsville, Brooklyn neighborhood that produced former heavyweight champions like Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe, and Shannon Briggs, Danny Jacobs a.k.a “The Golden Child” began boxing at the age of only 13. Now, at 22, his impact is being felt around the boxing world. He entered the pro ranks on December 8, 2007, with a 29 second destruction of Jose Jesus Hurtado.

Here are a few images of the middleweight champion with a heavyweight punch reppin’ Hot Air.





2 Responses to “Hot Air Photo Stories”

  1. LA native Says:

    dope post, I think its great that you guys are reaching out to boxers, thats dope.

    keep it rising, Hot Air!!

  2. Yeah its awesome to see young kids working hard at what they do and also represent hot air simultaneously.

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