Crazy Watch Designs

Watches have always been about more than simply telling the time. Today clocks are built into mobiles and other gadgets we carry, so watch makers have to come up with ever weirder ways to make us take notice. The latest? Watches that are deliberately difficult to read. Check out these sick designs and lets see if you can read the time on ’em!

watch You need to use a winch to wind the thing up, which is then stored in the bracelet buckle. To find the hour, look at the upper part of the watch and read the number on the dial second from right. For minutes look at the bottom right dial.

watch The first dozen LED’s light up one per hour (and the top row of them also shows the name, JLR7). The next three – in a matt band – light up every 15 minutes; the next 14 do so every minute. The final three – also in a matt band every second.

watch If it slants upwards from left to right as it crosses the top ladder, read the number on the left to find the hour. If slanting downwards, choose from the right. Now look at the white polygon. If the line slants downwards, read off the minutes from left to the bottom ladder; and vice versa if it slants upwards.

watch A stainless steel band with 29 LED lights. Those below the wavy line light up one per hour, the three to the right represent 15 minute apiece and the 14 to the left are minutes.


The top left light comes on after ten hours, the nine next to it give hours from 1-9 and 11-12; The next five light up at ten minute intervals; the last nine show minutes

watch The four small faces are for chronographic functions – Only the racing style dial at the top actually gives the time. Swiss watch maker Azimuth spurns everything but traditional mechanisms.


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