Hot Air Contest!

Here is our first Hot Air Blog contest! We’ll ask five (5) questions and you have to answer them ALL correctly to WIN the prize! The prize will be relevant to the quiz topic, in this case, the winner will get a Hot Air tee, that Terrell Owens was wearing on the T.O Show, and what Terrence J was rockin’ on 106 & Park, “Professor Haberdash”(see below). The winner will be announced weekly; so make sure all the answers are right to win the special prize….. Have fun!

  • What year was the very first Hot Air Balloon launched in?
  1. 1883
  2. 1985
  3. 1783
  4. 2001
  • What was the first Hot Air Balloon called?
  1. Aerostat Reveillon
  2. Aero Roubillion
  3. Pilatre De Rozier
  4. None of the Above
  • Who were the first passengers in the hot air balloon?
  1. Sheep, duck, and a rooster
  2. Pig, sheep, and a cow
  3. Chicken, elephant, and a duck
  4. George Washington
  • In 1785, who were the first balloonists to fly over the English Channel?
  1. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington
  2. Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jefferies
  3. Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Guiliani
  4. They all sound good to me….
  • In 1987, who was the first person to cross over the Atlantic Ocean in a Hot Air balloon? *hint: he’s a rich bastard!
  1. Bill Gates
  2. Warren Buffet
  3. Brad Pitt
  4. Richard Branson




7 Responses to “Hot Air Contest!”

  1. 1. 1783
    2. Aero Roubilon
    3. Pig Sheep cow
    4. Jean Blanchard and the other guy
    5. Richard Branson

  2. Sorry but 2 of your answers are wrong. Better luck with next week’s quiz. Thanks for participating!

  3. dope questions, now I know why you use that 1783 in your gear… lol

  4. 1. 1783
    2. Aerostat Reveillon
    3. Sheep, Duck, Rooster
    4. Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jefferies
    5. Richard Branson

    Holla. Gimme Da Loot Gimme Da Loot Im A Bad Boy
    Mr. Ice Cream Man
    Twitter: @diptNYC

  5. Lol! I guess you WON! Send us your email address and size, so we can send you the tee. FLY HIGH!!!!!!!

  6. Matt, your questions will be answered soon. We also need your address, so just email it to me. We got your size, so its your day! 🙂

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