Hot Models | Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn – Beautiful, black and British!  She was the first black model, after Naomi Campbell, to walk down the Versace runway. She was also recently voted as Britain’s top style-makers. The pictures speak for themselves.


make up jd

head gear jd

green dress jd

topshop jourdan dunn


4 Responses to “Hot Models | Jourdan Dunn”

  1. libfashionista Says:

    when was she name britian top style maker. im a big fan

  2. Just recently this year. She made it to the list of Britain’s Top 50 movers, shakers and style makers. She is a great model!

  3. Sir Branson Says:

    I love your Hot Models section, I will keep checking for more!!


  4. We had been scanning something else regarding this on another weblog. Interesting. Your perspective on this is diametrically opposed to what We read to begin with. I am nevertheless pondering more the different points associated with view, however I am tipped to a great toward your own own. And irrespective, that’s what is so superb about advanced democracy and the actual marketplace associated with ideas on-line.

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