Hot Air + You

If you’re already familiar with the brand Hot Air, then you probably know what the quality of clothes we bring to you. From the colors, to the cut, Hot Air is not just about a brand, its about a lifestyle. We want you to be part of that and would like to hear from our blog readers, and from our Hot Air brand lovers.


So, what stores would you like to see us in? If any one out there thinks that Hot Air is the brand that your store needs to have, then let us know. Thanks for your continued support and keep on Flyin’ HIGH!!!


2 Responses to “Hot Air + You”

  1. I tweeted you about this awhile ago…since the Karmaloop online selection is always out of stock or not available, where can I find Hot Air in Miami? I’m from Boston, and I’ve seen it at places like X-Squared on Newbury Street – but now I’m a student down here, and want to know where I can find it? Shoe Gallery and FootSoldiers are two boutiques that come to mind that SHOULD carry it – can you please get it down here in Miami?


  2. We will most definitely follow up with you and let you know what store in Miami we already sell at. Thanks for your comment.

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