The Airplane…85 years from now

The WB-1010 is a concept plane made to make use of yet-to-be-invented materials and technology and aims to meet the demands the world 85 years from now will make. Speed, comfort, and space for a whole lot of people, that’s what this is all about. You’re in for a real treat of shocking and splendidly fantastic conceptual technology in one notorious BIG future plane!

Designed by: Reindy Allendra







4 Responses to “The Airplane…85 years from now”

  1. I’ve been waiting for the “Age of the Jetsons” (LOL)
    I mean damn, it’s already 2009, shouldn’t we have cars that turn into briefcases and airplanes that travel to Mars by now.

  2. LoL! We really should have cars that turn into briefcases and planes that go to Mars already! We’ll probably be gone 85 yrs from now!

  3. franco nero Says:

    looks so much like an aerostat of the 19th century. future forward anyone?

  4. It also looks like a whale. I wonder if that’s what the designer was inspired by… hmmmmmmmm….

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