Boy in the Balloon

We at Hot Air are sending out our hopes that the 6 year old boy that was to be trapped in this balloon was not inside as it took flight. He was not found inside the balloon upon its landing. We hope he either jumped to his safety or had not entered the aircraft alone in prior to taking off. The family is being made out to be a ‘mad scientist’ family and there are talks of it being a hoax. Either way, we wish you well young Falcon.

Click here for the most updated news on the boy and the balloon.

And the boy is alive! Click here for more news.


2 Responses to “Boy in the Balloon”

  1. I think I saw this movie, its “The Girl Stuck In The Well” all over again..I’m too jaded to actually invest emotion, but I hope he’s ok. CNN’ll overdo themselves and forget about politics if Eagle *I mean* Falcon is found dead.

  2. And they found him hiding in the garage or closet or something like that. I didn’t believe the story from the beginning; the balloon wasn’t heavy enough to actually carry the boy’s weight too. Oh well, another mystery solved.

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