Future Forward

Visual Futurist extraordinaire Syd Mead has been paramount in influencing the Hot Air design team from inception… His accomplishments read like an earlier day century renaissance man (think: Verne, Tesla, da Vinci, Picasso), with innate abilities to see and think outside the box. Expressive realism, focused observation, and being able to dream out loud, shape his next century concepts.

His creative touch surrounds us daily via film, product design, graphic design, and vehicles. Take a closer look at one of our lifetimes’ greatest futurists. Inspiration abound.

The Vision of Syd Mead

3 Responses to “Future Forward”

  1. Rolf Kuhn Says:

    Splendid piece, I was not aware of such talent. Your blog is very insightful! Thanks

  2. Thanks for the comment Rolf, its appreciated. Keep checking the blog daily for more insightful posts. 🙂

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