Man’s pioneer journey into the sky began in a hot air balloon. Since then, the rich tradition of exploration, adventure, and discovery continues to inspire a culture of luxurious world travel. This intriguing lifestyle serves as the muse for the creative and innovative clothing of Hot Air.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi there, I just was wondering for some contact info for whomever takes care of the production side for Hot Air. I briefly spoke to one of your representatives while at MAGIC and wanted to follow up and explain more of our services.

    We are a factory direct manufacturing firm based out of Orange County, CA that specializes in the streetwear and contemporary realm of fashion. Our website, http://www.MelwanisMFG.com has more info about us. Some clients that we have worked with in the past are Bloodbath, 9Grand, and Cardboard Robot to name a few. Feel free to reach me at BPham@MelwanisMFG.com anytime and hopefully we can schedule a meeting.

    Thanks for your time!

    -Bryant Pham

  2. What up guys,

    Interested in chatting with you about picking up your line at our shop. We’re a streetwear shop carrying most of the top tier brands in the space.

    Hit me back sometime.

    Matt Doyle

  3. Hey Matt! Thanks for the interest in the brand. Please send us your email and phone number. So we can get back to you asap. Looking forward.

    Send info to fariyal@hotairbrand.com

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